Jun 13

Kapton Stencil Review

I wanted to post up a review of the Kapton stencils I ordered and the company that produced them. Finding a cheap stencil for prototypes was not a trivial matter. I tried the acid etching and didn't have much luck. Finally, I ran across this place that laser cuts Kapton stencils and I was very impressed with their work. I hope this review helps some people out that were in the same boat as me. This was a good low cost stencil solution with great customer support and a great product. I actually only got two Kapton pieces. In the video I said I got four which is incorrect, but what I meant to say is I submitted four designs. One stencil was for the entire PCB and the other stencil contained four additional footprints that I really wanted to get if it didn't cost any more.

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May 13

Creating parts in Eagle PCB libraries

This is a quick post to show you  how to create custom library parts.  The first thing to do is understand the Eagle library parts themselves.  Below is a diagram that explains this pretty well.

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