LED array control

Here is an example video of a simple GUI developed for an embedded FPGA system. This is a small scale interface, developed in a short period of time from the ground up, showing a few features and functionality. Even though this example is short and feature limited it does exemplify how clean, reliable and configurable our GUIs can be. An application like this can allow you to more efficiently test, debug and demonstrate your own embedded project.  The python and VHDL code was developed in house by GSS.


  • Digilent Nexys 2 FPGA development board
  • USB to serial dongle, serial cable
  • wxPython App (GUI)
  • VHDL modules for the FPGA

All of the VHDL is provided below and there is some pulse width modulation code in there as well for actual motor control.

VHDL Files


Below is a link to the Python GUI:
Link to GUI source code