MSP430F Dev. Board Update (schematics/layout)

This is a quick progress blog about the MSP430F dev board which was recently up on Kickstarter. I also give a quick overview of the schematics and layout in the video so you can get an idea of what has gone on thus far and what the design looks like. The boards have been fab’d and are currently being populated by a prototype board/pop house up in Chicago. I’ll have a review on those when they get back.

The design is pretty simple. I didn’t want a lot of bells and whistles cluttering up the board. The only user IO is eight LEDs and one push button. Those are the most useful, common and versatile for embedded designs. The rest of the chip is left to be connected through the expansion headers. I had the boards designed (roughly) and laid out (roughly) upon starting the kickstarter project. I then developed the 3-d models of the board, finalized my rev0 prototypes (the first hardware units) and ordered the PCBs. I usually order from Sparkfun’s batch PCB, but they got bought out by OSH Park. This was my first time to use OSH Park and I was pretty happy with what I got. They are good quality boards and came pretty quickly (a little faster than batch). The boards and a parts kit were sent of this morning so I should get units back in 10 days from monday, June 17’th. There are a couple mods I will have to make and I’ll post a blog about the mistakes I made and the mods I had to make etc…

For more info on the schematics and layout check out the video.

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