Toaster Oven Vid1 Introduction

In this project I took a standard toaster and turned it into a reflow oven. This is the introduction video discussing the system and it’s main parts. As discussed in the video, there are four main parts. The first is the GUI or graphical user interface which allows user interaction with the system and outputs data for viewing. Second is an analog interface used to boost the thermalcouple signal as well as the room temperature signal from a microchip MCP9700A. The third part is the embedded digital controller (MSP430G2553 on a launch pad) and last is the power system. Once I got all the bugs worked out and got these parts integrated the system ran very smoothly as you can see in the next post (system demonstration).

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Data Package:
Note-I haven’t been able to get the python app packed up as an exe yet because of some technical problems, but when I get this figured out I’ll update the package. The source code (python GUI and embedded C) is packed up as the aptana project and CCS studion project respectively. It should be simple to import these and check out the code. If importing doesn’t work just check out the source files or create your own project and add the source files only to it.

Download Data Package