About Me


I’m an electrical engineer from the University in Alabama Huntsville with most of my experience in industry spent designing embedded hardware and software. I really enjoy the combination of hardware and software development because it gives me a chance to spend time in both worlds. A lot of my design experience comes from prototyping and R&D. All of the designs in my tech blog are from projects I do on my own after hours. I also spend time as a digital designer using FPGAs and VHDL. This website was setup so I could provide some hands on tutorials and information to help others as well as help me develop and further some products. I also enjoy working with Linux (Ubuntu) and setting up servers as a way to take a break from the low level design of the embedded world.

Listed below are some of the platforms/technologies I regularly work with:

Software languages
C, Dynamic C, C++, Python, VHDL, Assembly, MATLAB, Java

Hardware Platforms
PIC micro controllers (PIC16, 25, 32)
Texas Instruments MSP430/Stellaris/Tiva C
ALtera – Cyclone families/NIOS ii processor
Xilinx – Spartan 3/3E
ARM processors (Cortex M4’s)

Hardware/Software Design Environments
Eagle PCB
Altium Designer
Code Composer Studio
Xilinx ISE Design Suite
Altera Quartus
Aptana Studios

Thanks for coming by the site!

Link to Resume