Boost Regulator

This is a regulator that boosts an input voltage range of 0.9V to 1.7V up to 3.3V. It’s based on the MCP1640 which is a 500kHz switching regulator. This boost module can supply up to 100mA. It is up for sale on the products page and is a great development tool!

As you can see from the pictures, this device is the entire boost circuit on a PCB with a very small footprint of 1.5cm x 2.0cm. Along the side if the board are two 4-pin headers which are spaced to allow these to be used on bread boards as a plugin module. This could also be used as a plug in module to a custom circuit that requires a voltage boost circuit. There is also an option of adding a 3-pin right angle header allowing this board to be used in a vertical fashion just like a TO-220 linear regulator.

The high efficiency of the switching IC as well ass the access to standard header spacing and dense layout make this a very simple “plug and play” voltage boosting module for any circuit. The headers can be loaded by the customer either on the sides or on the bottom for the vertical, TO-220, form factor. Below are some images for more detail.

Side headers loaded on top and bottom comparison:

Length Dimension:

Width Dimension:

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