DR1-500-8: stats and status

The DR1-500-8 data recorder is a high performance data recorder for individuals who require a more powerful tool for their testing/data acquisition environment. This product is currently coming out of development and I’m now working the production platform. Below is a list of stats/features and some discussion explaining the functionality of this device.

This is a single sample, discrete, plot of a 1 khz square wave being recorded by all 8 channels running at 50ksps. The channels are all tied to the same square wave, but the plots are zoomed to different levels.

Sample rates:
1 channel – 1 to 500ksps
2 channel – 1 to 250ksps
4 channel – 1 to 125ksps
8 channel – 1 to 50ksps

Data storage:
64MB (64 million samples)

USB – driver free USB interface for downloading data
8 channel digital/analog recording channels
Internal battery power and recharging capability

Input channels:
Max voltage – 3.3V

Run to address mode allowing the user to control how much data is recorded and downloaded. This eliminates long downloading times when the entire memory address isn’t required.

Simple GUI for configuration and data downloading. Data is downloaded to a CSV file which can be analyzed by any numerical analysis package.

Rechargeable 1500 MAH NiMH battery pack that is rechargeable through USB.

The USB interface enumerates driver free so there will be no driver requirements for this device. It is completely plug and play.

This is the same plot, but plotted continuously. I had to re-zoom on the different subplots again, but all 8 channels recorded the same 1 khz square wave.

One more shot showing a period of the wave form and how many samples I am getting per period.

I will be looking for beta testers so, if you are interested please contact me through the contact page. I will be looking to send out somewhere around 10 units to interested parties to get feedback and field data regarding performance and reliability. There will be a substantial amount of content to come once my testing phase begins so check back soon or message me!