Reflow Toaster Oven Vid2 – Demonstration

Here is the system demonstration. There isn’t really much to discuss in text because the video does a much better job of showing this setup in action. The profile I’ve developed is a ramp to 140 degrees C with a hold time of 45 seconds once we reach 140. Next, we ramp up to 170 C and hold there for 45 seconds. The last target temperature is 215 C and we hold there for 60 seconds. This last temperature is where things get interesting. Once our hold time expires the system shuts down. These profiles are completely customizable in software (embedded C code in the MSP430).

The GUI was developed in python (using wxPython) and the plotting and mathematical functionality is provided by numPy, sciPy and matplotlib. All firmware was developed in C using the free version of code composer studio.

Links to further videos/posts for this project:

Data Package:
Note-I haven’t been able to get the python app packed up as an exe yet because of some technical problems, but when I get this figured out I’ll update the package. The source code (python GUI and embedded C) is packed up as the aptana project and CCS studion project respectively. It should be simple to import these and check out the code. If importing doesn’t work just check out the source files or create your own project and add the source files only to it.

Download Data Package